What do a Native American, police officer, construction worker, biker, naval officer, and a cowboy have in common? Two words: Village People.

There have been many boy bands over the years, but none have been as wacky and homoerotic (with the exception of Backstreet Boys) as the Village People. They were one of the first bands that made spelling words in a song fun. Like a musical Benetton ad, the Village people continue to celebrate diversity and expression through catchy beats and memorable performances. They are celebrating their 35th year as the kings of disco, and are bringing their talents to the Tropicana Casino. Come join the Village People as they bring in the New Year on December 31st.  Tickets are on sale now and the show start at 9:30pm.

This country owes them a lot, for where would Halloween be without the classic Village People outfits?

Written by: John Favinger